I believe that the truly just society – and the one that serves all its members best – is the one that encourages and supports the creativity, imagination, and freedom of its entrepreneurs. You’ll find some important support for this thinking in topics I’ve been writing about lately.

How Can Big Companies Act More Entrepreneurially? Install A New Value Engine.

Value is co-created with customers. Bringing the customer inside the firm is the first step in building a new engine of value.

Business As A Flow Requires New Management Techniques

Austrian economics provides the design guidelines for the new management techniques required when business is understood as a flow.

Inspired By Capitalism, Not By Inspirational CEO Speeches.

There are many conversations going on about the purpose of firms.…

Seven Business Secrets Of Austrian Economics.

Austrian economics provides many layers of principles and insights for businesses, enabling them to thrive in a fast-changing environment.

The Coming Dominance Of Small Business.

The path forward to a new, high-productivity future in the digital age is more likely to be paved by micro-startups than tech giants.

Creativity Is Protest.

Creativity, therefore, is protest. It criticizes, not by pointing out the weakness and error of the status quo, but by imagining the future where the status quo is replaced. Imagination is the superpower of creativity.