The Economics for Business Podcast

A podcast based on the winning principle that entrepreneurs need only know the laws of economics plus the minds of customers. After that, apply your imagination.

E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #117 Featuring Jim Spohrer

117. Jim Spohrer on The Entrepreneurial Future In A World With Cognitive Assistants.

Where will the combination of service science and artificial intelligence take entrepreneurship in the near future?
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #116 Featuring Alan Payne

116: Alan Payne on a Fascinating History of Competing Business Models

We can gain useful insights by winding business models back in time to see how they emerged and evolved. In the case of competing business models, we can analyze the different outcomes and perhaps assign some cause and effect analysis to interpret why one model variant performed better than another. How do we do that? Through the technique of entrepreneurial business history.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #115 Featuring Bart Jackson

115. Bart Jackson on How to Be CEO

From all of this data, processed via his empathic diagnosis, Bart takes two perspectives on the CEO: the job and the person in it.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #114 Featuring Pete Farner

114. Pete Farner on Investable Businesses and Investable Entrepreneurs

Veteran venture capital investor Pete Farner distills experience from four decades of entrepreneurship and investing on the Economics For Business Podcast #114. Passion, perseverance and intelligence are the three critical attributes he looks for in investable entrepreneurs, an insight drawn from a broad survey that we summarize here.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #113 Featuring Jacqui Boland

113. Jacqui Boland’s Entrepreneurial Journey on a Red Tricycle

This week on the Economics For Business Podcast we were gifted the opportunity of reviewing and assessing a completed entrepreneurial journey, courtesy of Jacqui Boland, founder, CEO and now alumna of Red Tricycle, following the acquisition of the company by the corporate owner of tinybeans, a family photo sharing and journaling app.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #112 Featuring Peter Klein

112 Peter Klein: When Policy-Makers Discover The Benefits of Entrepreneurship, They Can’t Resist Intervening

A recent special issue of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, a top journal for which our friend Peter Klein sits on the editorial board, examined the impact of policy on entrepreneurship itself and on the institutional and social challenges of these policy interventions.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #111 Featuring Shawn Needham

111: Shawn Needham: How Consumers and Entrepreneurs Co-navigate Value Uncertainty in Healthcare

The market for healthcare provides us with a pertinent example of co-navigation of radical value uncertainty. For consumers, there is no certainty available — they can’t know which doctors or providers will give them the best experience, they don’t know the right means to choose to attain their end (health), and they can’t use the usual market price signals in the search for value since the price of healthcare is not visible to them. They don’t purchase the product, they purchase insurance, a different financial product than the healthcare experience they really need.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #110 Featuring Yousif Almoayyed

110: Yousif Almoayyed: Apply Economic Thinking To Better Manage Your Technology Projects

Does economic knowledge help you manage complex IT projects? Yousif Almoayyed thinks it does.

109: Desmond Ng: Entrepreneurial Empowerment and the Austrian Approach to Value-Generating Organizational Design

Austrian economics offers a wide range of knowledge and applications…
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #108 Featuring Per Bylund and Mark Packard

108. Per Bylund and Mark Packard: Radically Reshaping Business Thinking via Subjective Value

In a recently published paper titled “Subjective Value In Entrepreneurship,” Professors Bylund and Packard apply the principle of subjective value to generate significant new avenues of thinking for entrepreneurial businesses to pursue.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #100 Featuring Jeff Deist

107. Ivan Jankovic: The Special Understanding of Entrepreneurship by Americans of the Austrian School

Austrian economics has always been on the leading edge of innovative…
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #106 Featuring Mauricio Miller

106. Mauricio Miller: Entrepreneurship as the Path Upwards From Anywhere, for Anyone

Social services are the worst policy for such people. Entrepreneurship will open up the pathway out of the neighborhoods and out of the traps of low income and limited prospects. Entrepreneurship lifts up individuals, families, and communities.