The Economics for Business Podcast

A podcast based on the winning principle that entrepreneurs need only know the laws of economics plus the minds of customers. After that, apply your imagination.

E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #164 Featuring Per Bylund

164. Per Bylund: Think Better, Think Austrian — A How-To Guide

Economics is a way of thinking. It’s conceptual, and its concepts can help businesses to make better decisions. The most important business decisions are those that pertain to the generation of value for customers since that is the purpose of the firm.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #162 and #163 Featuring Joe Matarese

163. Joe Matarese: Entrepreneurial Solutions To Medical Tyranny (Part 2, The Solution)

In episode #162 of the Economics for Business podcast, Joe Matarese described the nature and cause of the healthcare problems we face. In episode #163, he surveys the entrepreneurial solutions, some of which are beginning to emerge and some of which still lie in the future.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #162 and #163 Featuring Joe Matarese

162. Joe Matarese: Medical Tyranny and Its Entrepreneurial Solutions (Part 1, The Problem)

Medical care in the US exemplifies how the perverse effects of accumulated, self-reinforcing economic errors can render a system dysfunctional for consumers. As CEO of Medicus Healthcare Solutions, Joe Matarese has seen the current system from the inside.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #161 Featuring Connie Whitman

161. Connie Whitman: Turning Experience Into An Intellectual Property Business

Your individual experience is a business asset. Life is teaching us more than we sometimes realize. An insightful analysis of what we’ve experienced, combined with purposeful translation, can generate unique intellectual property on which to base a unique approach to business. Connie Whitman joins Economics For Business to share her experience and her development of a thriving, resilient, and adaptive coaching and training service.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #160 Featuring Derek and Laura Cabrera

160. Laura and Derek Cabrera: Systems Thinking For Business

reneurs can realize their goal to think better, think Austrian by taking a systems thinking approach. We can ditch linearity and hierarchies in favor of distributed networks and webs of causality and create better knowledge – more aligned with the real world — and better mental models.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #159 Featuring Rory Sutherland

159. Rory Sutherland: An Austrian School of Marketing

In praxeology, subjective value theory, customer sovereignty, and ordinal value stacks, he identified the building blocks of a marketing approach for our digital age. We talk about it in Economics For Business #159.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #158 Featuring Mark Romera

158. Mark Romera’s Globally Orchestrated Entrepreneurial Design Journey

Entrepreneurship-as-design is brought to life in a wonderful conversation with Mark Romera, who conceived, designed and brought to market a values-driven vision of kids having fun playing in their backyards, via an impeccably crafted brand named Spimbey.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #157 Featuring Luca Dellanna

157. Luca Dellanna on the Power of Adaptation: Managing Complexity Every Day

The terminology of complex adaptive systems sounds academic and abstruse, but the subject is not: it’s about the real-life, in-your-face problems and challenges that face a business every day.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #156 Featuring Yousif Almoaayyed

156. Yousif Almoayyed: How Austrian Economics Helps Me Make Best Use of All My Business Knowledge

Business success is a function of knowledge — the right knowledge at the right time applied in the right way. But knowledge is always scarce and incomplete and sometimes wrong.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #155 Featuring Bart Vanderhaegen

155. Bart Vanderhaegen on Flow: Transcending Organizational Barriers to Progress

Organizational structure is often a barrier to flow. Bart Vanderhaegen tells Economics For Business how to transcend the barrier.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #154 Featuring Henrik Berglund

154. Henrik Berglund: Entrepreneurship As Design

For entrepreneurs, design is not just lines and shapes and colors and decoration, and it’s not just the look and functioning of a website or a building or another object. It’s a process of advancing from an idea or concept to marketplace realization as a customer-desired new service PR product. In fact, according to Professor Henrik Berglund, entrepreneurship is design.
E4B Podcast Cover for Episode #153 Featuring Brett Lindell

153. Brett Lindell: Designing and Assembling a Breakthrough Business in Construction

We talk to Brett Lindell, CEO of Pantheon Holdings (which includes Aegis Exteriors and Fortress Roofing) about his Design & Assembly approach that has helped him build a fast-growing business from scratch in the crowded, competitive, and demanding field of regional house construction.